Richard Thomas

About Me

Hello I'm
Richard Thomas

I embarked on my venture into the restaurant industry in 2010, with only one establishment and a passionate dream. Attributing my achievements to a combination of unwavering faith, relentless hard work and a burning desire to leave a lasting legacy.

I established The Present House Hospitality Group (TPHHG), which proudly encompasses three brands. The brands within the TPHHG portfolio include, The Island Spot Jamaican Kitchen & Bar, The Island Spot Resort Villa, and Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke.

Let's build the next big thing together

My journey to success began in Spanish Town, Jamaica, where I was born and raised. I honed my work ethic managing my family’s modest local grocery store.

With a mere $150 in my pocket, I ventured to the United States to further my education at Benedict College, where I majored in Physics and graduated Summa Cum Laude, all while being the captain of the soccer team.

Continuing my education journey, I pursued an MBA in Strategy & Finance at The Ohio State University.

Prior to founding TPHHG, I gained 15 years of professional experience in finance, procurement and strategy, working with CPG, private equity and management consulting firms.

My ultimate goal is to transform TPHHG into a global enterprise, specializing in the creation of “Culturally Craveable Brands” in the realms of food and luxury vacations.

My remarkable achievements in restaurant operations, strategy, and general management stem from my unwavering dedication to education.

Additionally, I am deeply committed to sharing my leadership skills and experiences with the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs and recognize the significance of nurturing future talent.